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I am a night and day walker

[noun] a person or thing that walks or likes to walk

A whisper from far away. Either it's a walk to another place, another mind, or my own complexity. Yes, I'm born with special traits of curiosity. Not much place I've been yet, but I will complete the quest.

Well, hello there, thank you for a pleasure visit. Here I am introducing myself. My parents named me Betari Kiranasari, I'm a Javanese, born in Indonesia, root in Yogyakarta, and currently living in Jakarta. People often call me Ayi. Beside walking in new place and exploring some mind, I love to do many things that related to visual design such as photography, sketching, layouting, designing, watching film. Also love travelling, because who doesn't? In a mean time, I found drinking a good coffee or hot tea help me enjoy my day, better if it accompanied with books--I have a great interest in books, especially novels and folklore. It would be great if I can spend my time discussing random things with awesome people who have their own unique way of thinking.

Now you've ride my carousel, let me introduce you to my Neverland. A playground where I share my thoughts, personal life, and escape in my walker-mode. I bet it's gonna be fun :)

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