January 14, 2014

Surround yourself with good friends who care about your future. Fall in love with someone. Get your heart broken. And then move on and fall in love again.

Breathe life every day like it is your first. Find something that you love to do and never stop doing that thing unless you find something else you love more. Don’t blame others for their mistakes. It makes you weak.

You are a strong man who does not need to be weighted down by  people who only complain and say negative things. Speak with conviction and believe in yourself because your personal confidence is just as important as your education.


Ini adalah petikan surat yang dikirim oleh Andrew Pochter, seorang pelajar dari Amerika yang tewas ketika kerusuhan politik di Mesir pada 28 Juni 2013. Sebelum meninggal, dia mengirim surat ini kepada sahabatnya yang akan wisuda.

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