It happens like this...

October 31, 2013

One day you meet someone and for some unexplainable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger, closer than your family, and understand your most inner fear more than your friend could do. Perhaps universe sent an angel who enter this stranger's body, either to teach you an important lesson to keep you safe during a situation, or for higher purpose you'll never imagine. What you must do is trust them, even when they come hand in hand with pain or suffering, the reason of their presence will be clear in due time.

Here is word of warning, you may grow to like this person, as your brother, sister, lover, even a role of father or mother. But remember, they are not yours to keep. Their purpose is not to save you but to show you how you save yourself. And once it fulfilled, the halo lifts, and the angel leaves their bodies as the person exits your life.

They will be stranger to you once more.

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