Christmas Present

December 27, 2011

Merry Christmaaasss fellaaass! :D have a good time everyone? well, I do, I got my dad back for Christmas and we have a quality time with family. My wish come true! Lucky me!

And of course I have less attention to my boyfriend in result, because I'm too excited my dad's got home. I'm a daddy's little girl after all, didn't surprise me :)

Ah, but I try to make something and give it to my boyfriend. I've been think it a lot: he likes drawing, he likes  to make comic, he always have to deal with schedule, he's a downright well-organized people. So why didn't I make a sketch book? He can write or draw anything as he likes! :D

Allright, aaaaaand...I make some behind the scene comic...

Poor me, he's actually going to work on Christmas Eve, and that messed up my plans a bit... :( oh well, there's always plan B. I'm just gonna give it to him in 25th. It's still Christmas after all... (I don't know the procedure of saying "Merry Christmas". Should it be on 24th or 25th or after going to curch? -___- confuse me a lot)

Sketch book itself is so easy to make, I bet you all can do it.

First, you must have papers, thick and strong A5 papers. For the content of the sketch book. Make it 30 or more, it's up to you. But shop usually sell A4 size, if you feel lazy to cut the papers, just buy a ready-to-use sketch book :D we can throw the cover away.

Cute cover doesn't matter because we're not gonna use it!

Second, make the cover! In my case, I prefer make freehand art in corel, and it turns out not bad. Actually, I got the cover idea from my friend, Tehong, he's in love with vector and pop art. You can check his blog, I already linked it in his name. Thanks Tehong! You're the real artist!

I didn't realize that I  make some mistakes with his glasses :(

Third, print it with good quality paper! And then for finishing, you can glued it on carton to make it hard-cover. Hard cover is good looking and sustainable. Then I suggest you to make it spiral binding (or "jilid spiral" in Indonesia, I'm not sure with my English. Bad vocabulary :p). With spiral binding you won't worried if it gonna tear apart and separated.

Okay, and you done!

This is how mine goes... :p simple, clean, monochrome.

not bad

doodling myself, consider it as greeting :))

he draw this in the first page! hahaha cute :3

Merry Christmas Minke, hope you like it :D

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